All over we are being made promises. We are offered security, guarantees, and how-tos. I love information and I love running my fingers over the keyboard and having access to an abundance of information.
It’s the guarantees that scare me.
It’s the sameness that bores me.
The formulas, the procedures, the certifications that are stripping us further and further from our individual awesomeness.
I have done it.
I have certifications, I have taken classes. I enjoyed most of them very much and I don’t discount their value at all. We all journey in this world and we take different paths and require very different tools and supports.
Once you have discovered your magic and found your voice, it’s possible that you will then seek out others like you. Oftentimes referred to as your tribe or “sisters.” In my quest, I have sought out these groups and found them-even if for a time to be supportive and helpful.
I needed to spread my wings. I felt less and less understood and perhaps a bit cramped by the sameness or unspoken identity of the group. I needed to become more, do something different. And then, I was off.
It has taken me all this time to realize that I do not need to be surrounded by sameness to feel valued, loved and supported. That true life purpose is not found by melding with the like-minded but having the strength and clearness of vision to love, support and cheer on the vast differences that exist in all of us.
It was during a tribe activity that I began to resonate with the archetype of the lone wolf. To me, this is defined as walking a path of my own devising and creation. Neither condemning others nor lamenting their lack of understanding of me. It is stepping into my truth, my authenticity and embracing my purpose.
I do not need a mentor.
I do not need a system, a procedure or a tribe.
Rather, what I seek are creative partners.
A collaborator to bounce ideas off of.
Someone to shine a light on my bullshit and call me out on my shadows and support my light.
Someone who gets I don’t need fixing, I don’t need discipline or routine or mainstream or acceptance. That sometimes, true success looks like quietly living my purpose, raising the vibration of the world. That this often does not represent in “followers” “likes” or “subscribers.” That success is living an authentic life that brings joy, light, and love.
And it’s time we all stopped seeking the approval and likes of the masses and instead fine-tuned our own inner compass.
If this is you welcome.
If this sounds like what you want to be welcome.
Here is where the lone wolves gather. To recharge, refuel and gather their light.
Before they are off and running once more.
Sometimes together, sometimes alone-always empowered and full of spirit.
Sending their call into the wild.
Much love,