About Me

Is there anything more awkward than writing an entire page about yourself? Maybe choosing the photo to go with it. Currently I am using the photo I took at my first guitar lesson. Now to be honest I am the middle generation. I thankfully went through my teens and twenties before there was always someone around with a camera so taking a photo of myself doing something new still feels well, weird. I was always the one with a camera-even as a child and yet I just never became comfortable snapping photos of myself doing cool things. It’s something I am working on (see photo left) although for the purposes of complete disclosure I took this after the receptionist left and I was alone in the room. Baby steps.

Alright so now that I feel I shared a bit about my personality let me chat a bit about my site, my work and perhaps what you came to this particular page for.

I have been a seeker my entire life. I love learning new things, exploring new ideas and chatting with like-minded souls. In the past few years I have embarked on a self-described Masters in Spirituality, taking courses that speak to my heart and soul’s calling.

It is my sincerest hope to connect with my clients in a way that best aligns with their own journey and path. I love having a myriad of tools at my disposal to help guide my clients to that voice within that always knows the way.

I work closely with creative souls; artists, writers, painters, photographers, poets and more to connect with their creative muse. Often times we lose site of our creative spirit and while the spark never dies it can do with a little fanning every now and again and that is my speciality.

Whether you consider yourself creative or not you are the creator of your own life experience and when you are aligned with your purpose-magic happens. Whether you work as an accountant and love your job or dream of living barefoot on a beach working from your laptop I would love to work with you. Through connecting with the Angelic Guidance that is available to us all I am able to channel the energies that can often go unheard in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

As I have journeyed myself I have done the work. Been my own coach, guide and curious observer as I followed the inspiration that I couldn’t always explain. Divine guidance that carried me to the other side of the country and a retreat house overlooking the ocean and off to a 3-day angelic workshop a hop skip and a jump from my house. I hope that as we work together or as you browse the site, you realize that there is a genuine, authentic and honest way in which I work with my clients-something that isn’t about certifications or education but is just me. It is this that I offer to my clients. While I have studied a great deal over the years and I am proud of all I have learned I don’t believe a certification tells the whole story and I would love to chat with you prior to you booking any type of work with me to see if we are a fit. Since, however I have been asked I will list my certifications below. Once of the great things of seeing these for you is that if I do not offer a specific service currently on my site and you see my certification please reach out! I am happy to chat with and work up a program just for you and maybe the fairies? *smile*

*Reiki Level II
*Angel Certification with Charles Virtue
*Advanced Angel Certification with Charles Virtue
*Master Angel Certification with Charles Virtue
*Certified Angelic Medium with Charles Virtue
*Certified Angel Card Reader with Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine
*Certified Indigo Card Reader with Charles Virtue
*Certified Archangel Life Coaching with Charles Virtue
*Certified Realm Reader with Doreen Virtue
*Certified Fairyologist with Doreen Virtue
*Certified Creatively Fit Coach with Whitney Freya

Specialized Reiki Attunements
*Fairy Realms Reiki with Mother Earth Reiki
*Healing through the Goddess of Avalon with Mother Earth Reiki
*Shamanic Empowerment with Mother Earth Reiki

Much love,

Michele, aka The Dreaming Dilettante