New Video: Memory Keeping in My Traveler’s Notebook: Layout #1

Today I have another video for you. In this video I am sharing a process video of my latest Traveler’s Notebook Memory Keeping Session. I hope you enjoy! Description Details: Timeshel Monthly Photo Subscription: IOS App Store: Google Play: Use Coupon Code: ZYKCM to get your first 10 print FREE Lollipop Box Club … [Read more…]

Creative Podcast: Tuesday July 24, 2018

Daily Creative Podcast Podcast Episode:¬† Tuesday July 24, 2018 Thinking about procrastination and reprogramming ourselves to make time for the things that matter. You can view my latest YouTube video a¬†flip through¬†of a minibook I made recently here If you want to follow my second YouTube channel The Dilettante’s Home you can find it here. … [Read more…]