Just Me: Junk Journal

Today I am sharing something a little different. I have been reconnecting my swaps lately and taking part in all types of art swaps, letter swaps and such. One of my most favorite things is to smash stuff onto paper with Mod Podge-I find it so therapeutic. The ability to create without worry, without trying to make […]

Connecting with Your Happiness

This is the time of year where the inclination is to set down on paper all those things you should be doing and finally become the person you are supposed to be. I have, gratefully, seen a lot online about not pushing yourself to make January some magical time that holds the success of all your dreams but to […]

5 Days of Birthday Fun: Day 2

Today started off a bit rocky-I awoke to, well, everyone crying. It was hard. I heard Abraham Hicks in my voice saying that we can reset by going back to sleep but the crying sort of prevented that so I did everything I could do really, really consciously turn the day around. And, it worked […]

Spring Wreath 2015

I am really enjoying spring! If you follow my other blog, Building Harmony House, you may have read how our spring clean up is going. I have been talking on my podcasts about the gardening and am really enjoying my new vegetable garden! I decided that I wanted to spruce up the front door with […]