When There Are No Words

Today was a challenging day for me. I am not really sure why except I felt as if I wanted to isolate myself indoors, curl up somewhere and get lost in my own thoughts. I tried several times to record the podcast and finally realized I just needed the quiet so I let it go. … [Read more…]

Plans for the Weekend

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you had a really nice week and were able to get some creative work done. I feel like I accomplished a lot this week even though I still have many unfinished projects sitting on my desk. I thought it might be fun to do a little wrap up of the … [Read more…]

Hello I am Here

Today I am spending some time on my business specifically how to grow my audience. You see, in the past marketing was something I struggled with. No matter what I did my audience didn’t grow. I would take courses on growing my audience and do all the suggestions (or was already doing them) and still, … [Read more…]

Returning from Slumber

I am back. My hiatus was exactly what I needed and I have to say that the creativity was flowing. I have found a lovely rhythm for creating and it’s been a really supportive time. My daughter was born at home healthy and happy 7 weeks ago and I have to say the experience was … [Read more…]

Creating Space

Today I am planning on starting my new rhythm of 20 minutes a day on one project. I was inspired by Michael Nobbs (you can hear more about that in yesterday and today’s podcasts) to just set a timer and do 20 minutes on one project. I shared with you the other day how I … [Read more…]

Dreaming into Reality

Staring at the edge of what’s to come I admit there is some fear. I feel a bit of trepidation with my new sense of self and it’s a bit like being an acrobat with no safety net.I am not afraid of falling but rather of soaring and that seems an odd thing to have … [Read more…]