home-office-336378_1920I have a mild addiction to online courses.
I love learning, always have and it is something that I hope never changes.
The idea of journeying with a new concept, idea or way of thinking through online videos and workshops is really what makes me grateful for the Internet.

That and Netflix, I am extremely grateful for Netflix.

Below are a collection of my workshops and it is my plan to create more for you based on feedback and my own personal story.

My Promise to You:
*To keep classes small so that it is easy for you all to share with each other should you choose and also so I can offer personal focus to you. I do not have an assistant or someone who answers emails or troubleshoots problems for me. I want to be able to reply to your emails, connect with you and get to really know everyone who takes my classes.

I look forward to journeying together!

Connecting with Your Happiness
This online course offers you lots of goodies and material to pick and choose what feels best for you and what resonates the most.  I will be offering videos, guided meditation, art journaling prompts, painting/doodling exercises (specific for all those “non-artist” out there) as well as guided healing and energy clearing work with me. If this resonates and you feel called to this class you can find out more here. Registration will be limited so if this calls to you I hope you will join us.


Notify Me When Enrollment Opens
Fee: $150

What’s Included:

*4-Week Workshop
*Weekly emails containing:
-Exercises designed to connect you with your creativity as well as the why for all of your dreams & goals
-Videos discussing the weeks prompts and sharing a bit of my personal journey with you
*Daily emails sharing either journaling prompts, audio recordings or quick videos to help keep you focused on loving and enjoying your life
*Private Facebook Group for workshop participants
*One-on-one 1-hr coaching call with me to chat goals & creating space for your dream feeling to fill your life
*Energy alchemy session with me utilizing the chi-ball energy healing technique where I will send you healing and energetic alignment for you to tap into and integrate whenever feels right for you and as often as you feel called to.