My Exciting New from a Sleepy Soul

Hello everyone! I am back from an impromptu vacay of my little corner of the WWW. I was browsing my Instagram feed when I saw my creative living guru Michael Nobbs was taking a little break from work and I thought, “ooh that sounds great!” And so I did. I needed the break and realized … [Read more…]

New Video: Memory Keeping in My Traveler’s Notebook: Layout #1

Today I have another video for you. In this video I am sharing a process video of my latest Traveler’s Notebook Memory Keeping Session. I hope you enjoy! Description Details: Timeshel Monthly Photo Subscription: IOS App Store: Google Play: Use Coupon Code: ZYKCM to get your first 10 print FREE Lollipop Box Club … [Read more…]

Being Your Life’s Artist

I have been thinking a lot lately about resistance and fortitude. I’ve always been someone who took the path of least resistance which for me was the path of most enjoyment. I recognize however that the world on a whole tends to honor the opposite. Pushing, making things happen, toughing it out are all things … [Read more…]