Delighting in the Journey

Today I feel as if a weight has been lifted. I feel lighter and more centered on what’s important to me. I know in my experience I am always re-evaluating my life experiences, my focus and where it is I want to go. I have been sharing on this blog and in the back of … [Read more…]

The Gift of Silence

Silence is such a gift. In an often noisy world, it’s easy to forget what true silence is. I read an article once about a man who is traveling the world looking for spots in nature untouched by human noise. Places where there is no hum of traffic in the distance, no sound of airplanes … [Read more…]

Aligning the Physical & Spiritual

Softly I can feel myself cracking open bit by bit. For lightworkers and those on the conscious path, life can be, well, exhausting. Sometimes I long for the simplicity of just focusing on the physical world happily unaware of the deeper layer that can go unseen for so many. I am however realizing that all … [Read more…]