The Author’s Journey: From Conception to Life on the Road Chapter 1

A few years ago I had this idea. I would start a blog about my dream home in the woods and share the story as it unfolded. At the time I hadn’t purchased land or even had any idea where I would be living, the cost or any of the details one would tend to […]

My Friend Mary Excerpt: Remembering How to Fly

A few weeks ago I was called to share with you all a piece of writing that I truly feel I channeled. Lately, more and more ideas are coming to me asking for me to share their stories. Some are works of pure fiction, ideas of fantasy meant to entertain and perhaps open the mind […]

Connecting with Your Happiness

This is the time of year where the inclination is to set down on paper all those things you should be doing and finally become the person you are supposed to be. I have, gratefully, seen a lot online about not pushing yourself to make January some magical time that holds the success of all your dreams but to […]