Why I'm Not a Team Player (And Proud of it!)

This morning I was thinking about creativity, or more specifically what being a creative person in society means to me. On a broad scale it means that I don’t fit in. Oh I may blend in, show up at parties looking presentable and may even make wonderful small talk. Perhaps I can even work in […]

The Downside

I have been MIA. For my newsletter subscribers and listeners to my daily creative podcasts I am sure you are wondering why I have been so quiet. I have been deep in self-care mode, taking advantage of opportunities to sleep in, rest, and just be. Since I have not been feeling 100% I have been […]

Sharing Your Creative Work and the Fears that Go With It

It has been a journey to get to this day. The day I can officially announce my very first, ever, book signing and poetry reading! I have a book tour in the works (virtual and real world) as well as books available to purchase here on the site. You can also buy the book, real […]