Creative Podcast: Tuesday August 14, 2018

Daily Creative Podcast Podcast Episode:  Tuesday August 14, 2018 Resting but wanting to record a podcast to share that we aren’t always being creative. My newest YouTube video can be found right here. If you want to follow my second YouTube channel The Dilettante’s Home you can find it here along with my latest video about … [Read more…]

Being Supported By Our Lives (Instead of Managing Them)

I am easing into Monday with a bit of vulnerability and a bit of ambition. I feel more grounded after this weekend and this morning has helped soothe my overstimulated self. I can tell I am grounding deeply into my creative practices and no longer fight the struggle of rebelling against the things I want … [Read more…]

Self-Care Week

I have returned after taking a week to just relax and be and to take care. There is a lot of information online about self-care. We hear about it in pretty much every area of our lives and the importance of it. I personally found, however, depending on where you look, self-care can easily become … [Read more…]