Creative Podcast: Monday August 13, 2018

Daily Creative Podcast Podcast Episode:¬† Monday August 13, 2018 Thinking of rhythms, mini vacations and how quickly things can add up. My newest YouTube video can be found right here. If you want to follow my second YouTube channel The Dilettante’s Home you can find it here along with my latest video about our foster … [Read more…]

Self-Care Week

I have returned after taking a week to just relax and be and to take care. There is a lot of information online about self-care. We hear about it in pretty much every area of our lives and the importance of it. I personally found, however, depending on where you look, self-care can easily become … [Read more…]

Back in the Saddle

Hello! So I ended up taking an impromptu¬†2 days off last week and to be honest I am feeling really good. Today was my check-up with my midwives and all is going along very well. Baby #3 and I are quite happy (if not a bit tired-me, not the baby) and I can’t believe how … [Read more…]

Creating the World Within

I had an insight this morning while doing my creative practice and creating this month’s full moon vision board. I realized that every time I start gaining momentum with something important to me (my writing, creative practice, coaching practice etc.) that at some point-I lose it. I get tripped up. In the past my old … [Read more…]

Being Your Life’s Artist

I have been thinking a lot lately about resistance and fortitude. I’ve always been someone who took the path of least resistance which for me was the path of most enjoyment. I recognize however that the world on a whole tends to honor the opposite. Pushing, making things happen, toughing it out are all things … [Read more…]