Creative Corner: Post #10

Welcome to today’s creative prompt! If you want to familiarize yourself with how this works you can check out my post here. And now without further adieu here we go! Prompt #10 “Stuck” Write, blog, photograph, paint, sing or dance away with this week’s prompt! Be sure to comment below with where we can find your […]

The Author’s Journey: Sharing

Last night I had an inspiration. I always love that feeling when a creative idea hits. The feeling starts in my belly and explodes out with this complete an utter alignment. I jot down notes and the energy that results is like nothing I have experienced elsewhere. I love the frenzy to jot down the ideas […]

Creative Prompts: Something for You

It is a snowy day here in the northeast and I am not complaining. Sitting in my new favorite chair, crocheted blanket in my lap I am feeling quite grateful for my quiet life and snow-filled surroundings. As part of a blogging course I am currently taking I am reconnecting with the joy of reading […]

Connecting with Your Happiness

This is the time of year where the inclination is to set down on paper all those things you should be doing and finally become the person you are supposed to be. I have, gratefully, seen a lot online about not pushing yourself to make January some magical time that holds the success of all your dreams but to […]

Dreaming: A Gift For You

I’m not sure about you but I am deep in dream time mode for 2017. As 2016 is coming to a close I am finding myself settling in to a place a gratitude for my little family and dreaming of continued alignment next year. If you have been following me around the web for a […]