The Anti-10 List

I was reminded of something last night. I was reminded of how in a world where we have information at our fingertips we can completely be lacking in wisdom. I am not speaking on the collective level but on an individual one. I love research. I love finding out information and I love to be … [Read more…]

Creative Podcast: Friday June 22, 2018

Daily Creative Podcast Podcast Episode:  Friday June 22, 2018 Brewing coffee, weekend plans and painting with watercolors. Until Next time… -Michele Fawcett, aka The Dreaming Dilettante Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS Share List

Painting My Way to the Weekend

It’s been a week of being back to my regular publishing routine and it really does feel great. I love recording my podcasts and writing these little check-ins for you all and it just seems to fuel my creativity while I do it. As I mentioned in yesterday’s podcast I am going to be bringing a … [Read more…]

Being Your Life’s Artist

I have been thinking a lot lately about resistance and fortitude. I’ve always been someone who took the path of least resistance which for me was the path of most enjoyment. I recognize however that the world on a whole tends to honor the opposite. Pushing, making things happen, toughing it out are all things … [Read more…]