Taking a Hiatus

I have been thinking a lot lately about the choices I make and whether or not they are truly supportive and aligned with the life I am creating for myself. Am I saying I want gentle flowing time but accepting appointments and meetings? Am I talking about wanting less stuff cluttering my house but purchasing … [Read more…]

Creative Podcast: Tuesday August 14, 2018

Daily Creative Podcast Podcast Episode:  Tuesday August 14, 2018 Resting but wanting to record a podcast to share that we aren’t always being creative. My newest YouTube video can be found right here. If you want to follow my second YouTube channel The Dilettante’s Home you can find it here along with my latest video about … [Read more…]

When You Aren’t Meant for Routine

Last week I was resting and received an amazing amount of what I like to call “downloads” regarding my purpose work and creativity. This is where the creative ideas start flooding in faster than I can even keep track or develop any of them. It can feel like an amazing rush of energy and often … [Read more…]

Hating Pizza and Being Ok With It

My natural state tends to be not getting the standards that most people take for granted. I never really identified myself as a rebel believing that rebels were these badass rule breakers and I generally just wanted to live where rules weren’t necessary because everyone that lived there were sovereign, intelligent individuals who took ownership … [Read more…]