Creative Corner: Post #9

Welcome to today’s creative prompt! If you want to familiarize yourself with how this works you can check out my post here. And now without further adieu here we go! Prompt #9 “No” Write, blog, photograph, paint, sing or dance away with this week’s prompt! Be sure to comment below with where we can find your […]

Just Me: The Night

At night the world is quiet. The majority have snuggled in to bed and the darkness envelopes me like a cozy friend. Together we can sit curled under a duvet and read about witches and battles of good and evil. We meander through the creative world, garnering inspiration for dream and waking life. I am […]

The Author’s Journey: Sharing

Last night I had an inspiration. I always love that feeling when a creative idea hits. The feeling starts in my belly and explodes out with this complete an utter alignment. I jot down notes and the energy that results is like nothing I have experienced elsewhere. I love the frenzy to jot down the ideas […]

Energetic Healing-Does it Work?

It can be hard for extremely sensitive and empathic people to feel they are really making a difference in the world. Often introverted (though not always) and at the very least usually overwhelmed by intense emotion, contributing in an active way to causes that are near and dear to our (sometimes) Indigo hearts can feel […]