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Today I am spending some time on my business specifically how to grow my audience. You see, in the past marketing was something I struggled with. No matter what I did my audience didn’t grow. I would take courses on growing my audience and do all the suggestions (or was already doing them) and still, nothing grew.

Weird right?

Maybe you are in the same boat?

While this page is about my creativity it links very closely to my spiritual/personal growth side. In fact, they intertwine, ebb, flow and grow each other like a really supportive relationship.

I have been reading a book this past week focusing specifically on the law of attraction kinda stuff. I say it like that because I feel the phrase “law of attraction” has become a bit like “psychic” in the woohoo lacking in credibility thing. Not that I believe either aren’t real but they simplify a process that relies very heavily on the state of the person practicing them.

Meaning, if you are actively participating in the law of attraction by hanging up a photo of a $10 million dollar beach house on your desk believing that’s all you need to do then you are missing the point.

And if you are connecting with psychics and only asking them “is he going to call me” over and over again you are also missing the point.

I know this because I just realized I have been missing the point as well. I have spent the majority of my time online wanting to be successful while remaining hidden. I was always afraid that this person or that person would read my work and say, “who is she kidding? I knew her back then and she’s not spiritual!”

So energetically, my fear has created this very effective dome over me and my work. It has hidden me just like I wanted it to.

No one saw me over here, in the corner, sharing my heart, learning, stumbling, trying a million different things while I try and find my one thing.
(Spoiler alert: I don’t have just one thing and hope I NEVER do).

And the whole reason no one saw me is that I had designed it all that way.

No matter how many times I talk about growing my audience and business it really could not matter because deep down, that fear part was so relieved. And each time I felt relief that protection spell my fear had cast became stronger.

So today, I start the shift and take down my shield. (I really wish I knew some superhero or sci-fi references to plug in here but I don’t. Feel free to share some in the comments so I can learn :)*

Today I am waving frantically to all of you who would resonate with my work. To those who are maybe seeking what I am, who are looking for creative people who are all over the place. Who have dreams, and businesses and who just can’t seem to find a damn box big enough to hold all of who we are.

Hi. I see you.

Want to be friends?

Until next time…

-Michele, aka The Dreaming Dilettante
Invisibility Cloak Removed

*Ooh I found a reference!!! Yay!

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