Monday Musings

Happy Monday Morning. I must admit that today I really don’t know what I wanted to blog about. I shared quite a bit in Today’s Podcast and I feel I completely ran out of things to write about. While I know that isn’t entirely true I did want to check in here and write a bit about the weekend and my plans for this week.

At least so far as I plan anything.

I had a really nice weekend. We had made the decision to not have any tasks or projects to work on and rather just focus on spending time together as a family. The past few weeks have had us trying to get certain things around the house completed in preparation for baby #3 and while I am grateful for all that’s been done I could tell we all needed a break. The kids were definitely missing our normal family weekend shenanigans and to be honest so was I. I realized just how much I had been missing it when Sunday evening rolled around and I was sorry to see the weekend end.

It did make me wake up and really wish for some vacation time for us all. I know we will have time when the new baby arrives, however, I feel like I am longing for a good 2 weeks of us all just doing absolutely nothing but being together and relaxing. For now, I think I may just settle for taking our weekends gently and easily until our newest member arrives.

For this week I am planning on continuing my creative corner organization. I am still trying to do 20 minutes of creative work alongside Michael Nobbs, today, however, I am letting this blog post be my 20 minutes and then for the rest of the week I am hoping to focus on my corner. I found a really wonderful YouTube video on organizing those little rolling carts you can find at Ikea & Michaels and I want to pick up a few little bins to hang off the side of mine. I think this cart is going to be one of the best ways to get my little creative space organized and user-friendly.

Other than that and my daily writing practice I don’t really have a lot planned for this week. I do have some YouTube videos to record and load up but I am trying to remind myself that there is the energy I have when I get these ideas and then the actual energy I have to implement them-they are rarely the same amount 🙂 So, for now, I will consider my current goals to be more than enough and not beat myself up at all if at the end of the weekend all I have managed is to take really good care of myself.

I hope your week is off to a great start!

Until next time…

-Michele, aka The Dreaming Dilettante

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