Creative Corner Organize: Session #1

Happy Friday everyone! We are moving into the weekend and I thought it was a nice time to share with you a bit about what I have been up to.

If you listen to my podcasts you know that I have been inspired by Michael Nobbs 20 minute work sessions. My goal is to work in tiny 20 minute daily sessions to organize my creative corner so it can function as a container and hold space for my purpose work. I was going back and forth on how I wanted to document and share this experience with you all. I know I personally prefer to watch videos of people organizing or renovating an area. I think it inspires me a bit more and also gives me a sense of their space.

For me, however, the idea of making and editing videos of the process felt a bit daunting which is counter-intuitive to the 20-minute model. I also am easily pulled in different directions and since my blog isn’t about organizing I thought it might be a bit off from what I am trying to share here. I am not looking to tell you all about great products for organizing or how I did it but rather inspire you to see how much you can actually do in 20 minutes.

If you are a creative person who works full-time or just someone who finds themselves with limited time during the day to really do the creative work you want to do I hope this inspires you to see that just a little bit each day can really inspire, restore and connect you to any creative project. In my own experience just writing 2 1/2 pages, a day has yielded me a work in progress (that I just love!) with over 20,000 words in just over 40 days!

So this was my first 20-minute session (I plan to do these daily) and my goal was to start work on just clearing my desktop. I had been collecting some recent purchases and miscellaneous craft products here for about a week or so and it was time to clear out. I am not sure how long it will take to organize this space but while I am doing that I still want to be able to use it so clearing the desk made the most sense.

This was how it all looked when I started:

And this was after just one 20 minute work session:

Just putting away, removing any cardboard or recycling items and now I have an actual workspace I can use. I will continue sharing updates with you on Friday so you can see how things are progressing but don’t worry I will also continue to share my creative projects.

Are you working on a creative project? I would love to hear about it! Feel free to comment below and tell me what you are inspired to work on in 20 minutes.

Until next time…

-Michele, aka The Dreaming Dilettante


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