Creating Space

Today I am planning on starting my new rhythm of 20 minutes a day on one project. I was inspired by Michael Nobbs (you can hear more about that in yesterday and today’s podcasts) to just set a timer and do 20 minutes on one project. I shared with you the other day how I have received a lot of inspiration and guidance towards the next steps for my purpose work and to lay the groundwork for that I know I want to have a space to create in that supports me.

Lately, my creative corner has become a catch-all and I never really organized it when I set it up initially so I am going to use these little 20 minute sessions to set up my space for me and my work. With the baby due to be born in the next few weeks, I don’t feel that I want to actually launch any new work right now. Once she is here I want to focus on our little family and connection. I feel that my best work is going to come from this energy and I cannot wait to delve in.

Normally my brain would be calling this procrastination, however, I can feel how this is different. I am not avoiding my work rather setting it and myself up for success and support. Being able to sit and work easily (especially in the short chunks of time I have available) is what is going to ensure success and it’s doing all of these things within the support and energy of my family that makes it real.

I know for me when I became a Mom I tried to do things like I had done them before. When my oldest daughter was a baby this worked. She napped very well and I had time each day to dedicate to me and my creative pursuits-usually a good 3 hours which was Heaven! When my son came, my daughter had already stopped napping so those 3 hours were gone and I struggled to carve out space for me and my creative work. I was floundering trying to make time to do the things that were so important to me and that restored me so I could be there for my family. It hasn’t been until recently that I have found my rhythm with that.

Of course, my children being older naturally helped a bit I imagine and with a new baby on the way I am aware that things will shift and move as life does. This is one of the reasons I find the idea of rhythm as opposed to routine to be so important. Routine implies that it’s something you always do while rhythm feels like you are moving with your life, ebbing and flowing as needed. There is no forcing of things but rather creating space to support your life where it is now.

Would I love to have my 3 hours a day again? Of course! My life isn’t there now but that doesn’t mean I have to say goodbye to those parts of myself until my children are grown. I just need to be creative and find new ways to enjoy and make space for what’s important to me.

And if I were, to be honest (though I can’t know for sure) I think I am getting more done now than I did with those 3 hours. I am more focused on the task at hand when I know I have only 20 or 30 minutes. I am able to skip the distractions and dig in and have fun.

That’s why I want to set up my space for support so that I can sit down and get to work and then get up and go about my day without too much set up and break down.

I am debating sharing my process of it all. I haven’t decided one way or another but if you would like to see the process please let me know! I do plan to document it so maybe I can share little bits here with you.

I hope you are managing some creative time today.

Until next time…

-Michele, aka The Dreaming Dilettante

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