When You Aren’t Meant for Routine

Last week I was resting and received an amazing amount of what I like to call “downloads” regarding my purpose work and creativity. This is where the creative ideas start flooding in faster than I can even keep track or develop any of them. It can feel like an amazing rush of energy and often times, depending on what I am doing I make the mistake of thinking “oh I’ll remember that one.” Fortunately, this time around I wrote down notes so I would remember for sure.

I am excited about what has come through and this early phase-the incubator face is when I am able to sort of prepare my workspace (and myself) for what’s coming. I shared with you in previous podcasts how I have been struggling with my purpose work and the idea of coaching or doing readings for clients.

What I have come to realize is that I am not meant to have appointments. I am meant to share my best work when it flows organically through me and when it is received by someone when they are meant to receive it. The restriction of time or appointments places an immediate block in my own energy and limits what is able to come through. The perfect example is the information about my work that chose to flow to me while I was laying down doing absolutely nothing creative.

It’s hard to think of a business model that doesn’t have appointments or business hours. We live in a world where that sort of consistency is needed (supposedly) for success. I can see that I am being called to hold consistency but not appointments. For example, I share here on the blog Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays. That offers consistency but it doesn’t require that I write at any particular time. If I am inspired on a Saturday evening to sit and write 3 blog posts I can do that. It allows for the flow of creativity to be there but to also offer something those who follow me can rely on.

I realize now that I am meant to create the content and offer the content for independent learners. Those who may enjoy sitting down at 2 am with a cup of tea and taking an online course and that is where my work is going to lead me.

For now, I am laying the groundwork with my little and often daily rhythms and going to spend some time this week really organize my creative space. I want to set it up to support me and any of the projects I may decide to work on at any given time.

I hope this inspires my fellow creatives who resist routine and appointments. Please do not believe you need to change who you are to have a successful business or creative practice. You can make space for yourself and your creativity without identifying with a strict and rigid structure.

Happy creating!

Until next time…

-Michele, aka The Dreaming Dilettante

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