Being Supported By Our Lives (Instead of Managing Them)

I am easing into Monday with a bit of vulnerability and a bit of ambition. I feel more grounded after this weekend and this morning has helped soothe my overstimulated self. I can tell I am grounding deeply into my creative practices and no longer fight the struggle of rebelling against the things I want to do most. I have begun to embrace my little habits as anchors or the sandbags to my hot air balloon ride of a life. They allow me to float and drift with the wind when I want but are available to ground and root me when I need it.

Most importantly they allow me to feel supported by my life rather than feeling like I am managing my life.

That’s a powerful distinction. There is a lot of information on managing our lives, our routines our responsibilities and for us more sensitive creative souls that can feel extremely challenging. When I think of my life as something I need to manage it immediately invites in the belief that my life is hard and challenging. When I think of my life as supporting me it opens up my heart and my energy and suddenly I am now able to feel that not only am I living the life I have wanted most but that all the major aspects of it are supporting and holding me close.

*My early morning creative practice supports me in connecting with how I feel and what I need most that day. Prior to the requests of anyone else in my home.

*My mini daily cleans allow my home to be a true oasis where I can keep it looking and feeling how I like (not how Pinterest suggests I should). It allows the home to feel like it also has this nice flow to itself instead of me scrambling to keep it from consuming me.

*The clear out of clutter and the conscious buying I have undertaken allow my mini daily clean to be enough and is preventing this mountain of clutter from taking over and becoming a project all to itself.

I realized recently that I was taking my weekly solo nights out and made plans to correct that. Instantly I realized how even if I just took a walk around the block or went out wandering for an hour that I was restored. I told myself that I mattered and that making time like this a priority can refill my soul and rebalance my own energy.

Being supported by our lives requires taking inventory of the moving parts and a willingness to let go of things that do not align with our goals and the type of life we wish to live. It can be scary and hard but in the end, it’s just like clearing out clutter. You finally can breathe deeply once more.

Until next time…

-Michele, aka The Dreaming Dilettante


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