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I love to learn. I am forever researching things about everything and I often find myself seeking more and more knowledge about the topics I am passionate about.

This is a good thing and not something I see changing about myself. I do, however, feel a shift happening in how I choose to learn.

Right now if I was interested in say a new mixed media technique I might start to research it, perhaps watch some videos of other artist using it so I can learn. Eventually, I might come up with a list of materials I need to effectively utilize the process.

You know, as opposed to slapping some paint around and just having a play.

While I never think learning or knowledge is a bad thing, in an age where we so readily have access to so MUCH information it is easy to forget the ways we used to learn.

Trial and error.

To forget that inspiration and new processes, new creations, new ideas come from that quiet place within each one of us. The place that whispers ideas and makes quiet suggestions all the while hoping against hope that we will just GO for it and try!

As an artist and writer, I find there can be a great deal of seriousness in these fields and seriousness is not at all the part I resonate with as an artist and writer. I came to both areas at a young age because I liked to play to create and to slap some paint on things and see what I make.

Even it’s mud because my brain refuses to remember the color wheel.
Even if it’s a story that ends up tossed in the garbage.

I am remembering that it is the act of creating that brings us to the canvas and the paper. It is the feeling we get when we allow ourselves to be unleashed at both and do not hold ourselves back by our inner critics.

The exhilaration we feel when applying paint, choosing words or creating anything is why we create. To get out the ideas that swim in our head so we can make room for new ones.
To enjoy that time where we connect with our innermost guidance system and feel truly ourselves.

Once the piece is done we can decide what to do with it. If anything, as long as we remember the ride that got us there.

Here’s to enjoying the ride and reconnecting with the knowledge we all have within.

Until next time…

-Michele, aka The Dreaming Dilettante

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