Creating the World Within

I had an insight this morning while doing my creative practice and creating this month’s full moon vision board.

I realized that every time I start gaining momentum with something important to me (my writing, creative practice, coaching practice etc.) that at some point-I lose it. I get tripped up.

In the past my old self would say, “see you just aren’t disciplined enough. You need to push yourself.”

I don’t know why I say those things to myself. I do not resonate with those thought processes and they aren’t part of who I am authentically. Just remnants of old programming.

What I realized today was that I lose momentum when I start shifting from doing things my way to doing them the way I think they should be done. When I start to reach out and say, “so what’s the best way to promote this” or “what are other people doing about this?” or when I just stop and go, “well if I want this to succeed I should….”

It’s that succeed mentality that is so damaging to human authenticity.

You see, success can be many things. It completely depends on the lense with which it is being viewed. When you start focusing on some external reward that is going to come as a result from living your life authentically and fully you immediately shift from living your purpose to fitting in and checking all the “success” boxes.

I fall into that trap every day when I check out how many people have read/visited my blog.
The moment I do that I think of all the posts I have read about people increasing their traffic to their blog. I think about how excited I get when I have double digit views (yep, 15 views is really exciting for me) and then how deflated I feel when I read a post saying, “when I started my blog I was only getting a few hundred views a week.”

Huh, guess my blog isn’t successful then. Time to start a marketing campaign!

Or wait, is it?

I love writing this blog. It is fun, exciting and the practice has trickled over into other areas of my life. I am writing a new book, I have created a morning routine that supports me and a creative practice I love. I am building my creative coaching and recording podcasts. I am having so much fun!

So, that’s success right? Isnt’ that the real meaningful success we are all seeking?

That isn’t to say you can’t love what you do and have tons of subscribers and viewers but when the end goal is the viewers and not what they are viewing maybe that’s when we all get disconnected.

When we think about the money from the job but not how we will spend our days.
When we focus on getting the relationship but not on the person.

When we focus on enjoying the moment however, the task, the travel, the trip-that’s when everything shifts, aligns and magic begins.

That is when we realize we are creating our life-not reacting to it.
When we see ourselves as being able to create, craft and shape a world that doesn’t exist.
When we stop feeling weighted down by the world around us because we are focused on creating the world that exists within us-that’s magic.

I hope you will join me for our Life Artist Master Class. This free workshop is going to help you tap into your magic and remember your power so you can create your life and help usher in the new light.

Are you ready?

Until next time…

-Michele, aka The Dreaming Dilettante

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