Being Your Life’s Artist

I have been thinking a lot lately about resistance and fortitude.

I’ve always been someone who took the path of least resistance which for me was the path of most enjoyment. I recognize however that the world on a whole tends to honor the opposite. Pushing, making things happen, toughing it out are all things we are told prove that we really want something.

We earned it.

We worked for it.

That seems to be promoting the idea that life isn’t meant to be enjoyed rather it’s meant to be a list of all you did, your accomplishments.

It has taken a while for me to let go of this idea and realize the path I have chosen, the road I take and the decisions I make can be both about things I really want and be enjoyable.

One of the reasons I think about these concepts so often is that in building my coaching practice I have come across a number of stumbling blocks that leave me questioning if this is the right work for me. I find myself pulling back and re-evaluating whether or not working one-on-one with clients is the right choice for me.

Deep down I know it is. Just as I know writing will always be an important part of that work. The reason I know is that I always come back to it. Like a hometown you just can’t leave, writing and partnering with like-minded spirits always call me back. And when they do I find myself curling in and feeling right at home.

Until the growing pains start.

I find myself working with the wrong clients. I find myself feeling icky over the areas of focus they want to focus on and I decide, “eh maybe it’s not the right time.” And usually, I hear the whisper of the old mindset I have tried so hard to erase, “sometimes you have to tough it out…”


Yesterday I decided that if I want to keep at this and make it work for me I need to make sure I am working with my own practices. I decided to talk to my angels and ask them for the guidance.

Then I listened.

What I heard clearly was that if I am not pricing my work appropriately I will not be attracting the appropriate clients. If I offer free readings I won’t attract the type of clients I want to work with. The types of clients who understand that a reading is not a magic 8 ball that you just keep asking questions. Or a flower whose petals you keep picking to find out if he loves me loves me not.

I realized that by offering my work at prices I thought others would find acceptable, I was discounting my gifts. My years of study, self-work, and training. I was discounting myself as if I first needed to prove my worth of receiving the abundance we are all entitled to.

The mindset that tells us we aren’t worthy until we have spent years doing things we hate so we can eventually have the things we love and want.

I don’t believe that.

I believe we are all, each and every one of us worthy of anything we could dream of for ourselves. If it were not possible for us, we would not dream of it. Humans are not designed with built-in torture devices called dreams. These mystical ideas that pop into our heads to remind us of all we can’t have.

No, we are CREATORS of everything we could possibly dream of! We are the Life Artist, the pen holder and the magic maker of our own existence.

We are all worthy and able of making our lives something that is enjoyable, abundant and supports us! We do not need to perform rigorous acts of self-flagellation to prove our worth of a dream.

We are worth. You are worthy. So worthy that we can find what we want, experience the growing pains and choose to move in a new direction. We can dance and play and sing our way to our dreams.

We can paint our way.

Until next time…

Michele, aka The Dreaming Dilettante

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