I have been struggling with my creative practice a bit. What was an amazing anchor for me became something I just slowly let slip each day. I’m not sure why. The only thing I am sure of is that creativity is something that holds me, restores me and keeps me grounded in who I am. Yet I repeatedly let it go when I start to slip into a bit of a funk.

Today, however, I jumped back in and started back up. Each day, even when not actively doing my practice, I knew it was there waiting for me. I believe that offered some comfort and gave me some grounded energy even when I wasn’t actively practicing.

Yoga feels that way to me sometimes. I am working back into a practice and I can feel the mat just softly waiting for me knowing that unless I am ready it won’t hold me in the way it should.

Some things in life cannot be forced.
I would argue nothing worth having can be forced.

So today I have reconnected with my creative practice. Gently, easily and I can already feel myself calmer and more me.

Here’s to knowing that what we need is always available to us.

Until next time….

MIchele aka, The Dreaming Dilettante

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