Outliers, Lone Wolves & Everything in Between

It’s Monday, it’s raining and I am feeling very cozy in my house.
I had a wonderful weekend with my little family and we spent time together, like really spent time together. The quality, laughing, fun kind. I have rediscovered a love for cooking fresh, healthy, homemade meals and our evening meal has been one of my favorite parts of the day.

This weekend I spent time in the garden which I just love. I put up some very low fencing around my lettuce patch which is currently home to some arugula and will eventually be growing a ton of varieties of lettuce. I am debating about doing some garden videos over on my YouTube channel so comment below if you would like me to.

We also finalized the lazy bed that will become my herb garden. Indoors I have cilantro, dill and basil ( a LOT of basil-I love making pesto and lets face it-basil just smells amazing) and am sure there will be the odd plant I pick up here and there. Everything has been filled with some homemade compost and topped with free mulch we got from Chip Drop.

I am grounded and happy and just settling into things around here. My midwife told me I am nesting something I never really experienced with my other 2 pregnancies. We joked that with there already being 4 of us in the house my need for order is probably heightened and I don’t doubt the truth in there. Last week was a mess of emotions for me as I was feeling tired and drained and alone in the world. I think it’s one of the reasons this blog has become so important to me.

When you are not one who conforms to the mainstream and chooses to honestly and truthfully create your own life, there is amazing freedom and often times, terrible lonliness.

Not the type of loneliness that the world likes to associate with needing a “girls night.” (Which as a side note is not something us introverts usually ever need even if we at times enjoy them). No, I am talking the type of loneliness that comes from not being understood by those around you. Not having someone say, “Oh my gosh me too!!” as often as our hearts would like. And even us lone wolves who are quite strong and content to do it our way and on our own can find ourselves wondering what it’s like to fit in with the majority.

Even if just for a day or so before we are able to shake some sense into ourselves.

That was me last week. I am a homeschooling mom who really doesn’t fit with other homeschoolers or moms for that matter. I am a pregnant woman who does not want to join prenatal yoga and mommy classes. I am all these things but not just one and it’s that mesh of colors that forms the identity of who I am.


So for this Monday I just want to reach out to my fellow outliers and say I get it. I am here and I understand. We are all on this amazing journey together and while we may be spending our days separated we are never, ever alone.

Until next time…

-Michele, aka The Dreaming Dilettante

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