Feeling Validated

I wonder how much social media affects us introverts. Over the past few years, I have been very diligent about the information I consume and try to only follow and view people and posts that feel inspiring and uplifting to me. What I am thinking about today, however, is how the sharing on social media, even this blog, affects introverts.

I was inspired this morning to do a quick mixed media play in my monthly journal. It was simple and fun and was serving the purpose of inspiring me and connecting me with art. Something that slapping Mod Podge on a page is always able to do for me. What I realized now is that I was looking at the page and thinking, “it’s nothing really you can share and it doesn’t count as any type of art.”

Wow. That’s some fucked up inner dialogue right?

As if the only purpose for creating is sharing and the only value to something is its marketability or how it is perceived by others. Of course, I know is all just some old inner ideals that no longer serve. The old pattern of judging what has value and what doesn’t based on the mainstream ideals is something I am working diligently to tear down within myself. Asserting value on something that comes from within using any sort of measurement that comes from outside is not only backward but it sets us up for constant rejection and disempowerment.

Nothing from outside us can truly and honestly validate what we know ourselves to be. Even if we are able to find outside approval or recognition that sense of validation is fleeting. The only true validation, strength, and power comes from within ourselves. The desire to be or feel anything in life must first come from within. The manifesting of any desire, dream or goal can only be accomplished when we are strong, grounded and feeling just how amazing and wonderful we are.

Here is to doing what you are called to do and feeling validation in the act.

Much love.

Until next time…

-Michele, aka The Dreaming Dilettante

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