Valuing Your Light Worker Self: Even When the World Doesn’t

We all have a unique gift we have brought with us into this world. Whether it’s the gift of song, the written word, an amazing talent for creating buildings or innovative ideas.

If like me, you have embraced your role as a lightworker, empath & creative introvert, you have probably experienced a great deal of isolation and lack of appreciation for your gifts from the outside world.

This is a good thing since outside validation is fleeting, fickle and doesn’t create change in the world we live in but rather more of the same of what we are used to

We live in a world of To-Do Lists, standardized testing and extracurricular activities. We have titles and milestones that all need to have a box checked next to them for the outside world to take notice and offer even a bit of congratulation. In my experience, there are people who receive recognition in the outside world and those of us who even if we manage to check all their boxes usually fall short when the votes are tallied.

I believe this is due in part to our extreme awareness of what is authentic and what is fake and outside applause, generally, is fake. When what you do is more valuable than what you are there is no authenticity. A world that applauds the “doers” with little regard to who they are as a person also holds little regard for the powerful support the lightworkers offer to the collective.

So how do you resolve yourself to being a powerful lightworker in a world that holds little value for it? When what you are and what you do can’t be measured, sold and calculated? How can you hold value for yourself in the absence of being valuable in a world that only values things?

The first step is to allow yourself to grieve and be sad for the isolation this life can cause. Hopefully, you have people in your life who understand and appreciate you and if you don’t please know there are people who value and appreciate you. I am one of them and I thank you! If even your supporters are the doers of the world it can still feel extremely lonely. I know for me personally, my husband understands and supports me completely. He is probably the only person I have ever met who values and appreciates who I am and what I contribute. On the other side of that, he is a doer, and fits more into the mold of a “that-a-boy” world. I am forever being told just how lucky I am to have someone like him and while I don’t disagree with that statement and am grateful to have him in my life I can’t ever recall in 20+ years of being together with someone telling him how lucky he was to have me.

That’s upsetting. I wouldn’t be human if something like that didn’t hurt and rip to the insides of who I am. It’s moments like that when I am grateful for my lightworker side that understands the world is just not there yet. They can’t appreciate and comprehend what having someone who is able to shift energy to a higher vibration actually does for them. It is also in those moments that I resent the lightworker part of myself and that somehow, I always have to be the “grown-up” in every relationship. I have to be the one to see the path others are on and understand their struggles and hold compassion for them and receive none or very little in return.

I have met other lightworkers of course and their friendships are so valuable to me. I have also come to accept that these friends are spread out all over the world and so it’s not as if my day to day living is full of lightworkers expressing their understanding for each other.

I understand why that is. Let’s face it, if all us lightworkers got together it would be pretty tempting to just start our own commune and lock out the rest of the world.

It’s not why we are here and we know that and it’s hard.

So allowing yourself to recognize it, feel it and let it go is so very important. Once you have felt the feelings you then want to take inventory of your amazing abilities. Write them down, put them to music, whatever makes you fully see all the amazing gifts you have. Then, summarize what you value most from these abilities. Identify your values knowing they will look nothing like the world values and then move forward from there. Allow all your decisions to be made from that place checking to see that the roads you are choosing are aligned with your highest values.

Sending you much love my friend. The road we travel may be solitary but we are never alone.

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