Aligning the Physical & Spiritual

Softly I can feel myself cracking open bit by bit. For lightworkers and those on the conscious path, life can be, well, exhausting. Sometimes I long for the simplicity of just focusing on the physical world happily unaware of the deeper layer that can go unseen for so many. I am however realizing that all my attention to the spirit has left the physical unbalanced. I am being called constantly to question the realizations I have come to know by energies within the body.

I sometimes find myself exhausted in frustration when a day where I feel aligned and amazing is followed by anxiety working its way into my 4th chakra. For so long I would give this energy validity and try to find it’s cause but I am realizing now that while I may be able to quickly align my spirit-the body is a bit reluctant to cooperate. As a lightworker my go-to is to keep working on the spirit but I am realizing now that it’s the body that needs equal love, attention, and compassion.

When we feel undesired energy within our physical body what do we do? When we know that we have had a day full of alignment and peace and suddenly we find ourselves feeling drained, apprehensive or even sad and fearful what’s the purpose? I have found this is one of the times that my introspective nature does not serve me well. Instead of going within, I need to get moving, get out and preferably experience nature or accomplish some physical task. As I write this post it’s all becoming more clear to me.

If you have ever practiced yoga you know that you align and stretch one side of the body then align and stretch the other. You acknowledge that they are different and will likely respond differently to the same poses however you still apply the same attention and focus on each. If we are looking to accomplish alignment, true alignment, the connection between spirit and physical needs to equally be given attention.

I don’t know about you but I would much rather pay attention to my inner world. It’s so cozy there. Alas, my body is a strong indicator of my needs and the mode of transportation I have in this world so there is really no ignoring it.

In my experience getting outside and walking is amazing for alignment that is both physical and spiritual. When weather prohibits that, taking care of moving in the home is equally helpful. Sometimes just going around and cleaning, or organizing, having a dance party or accomplishing some type of physical accomplishment does amazing things to release the blocked energy. When that is combined with a spiritual and creative practice we are able to find alignment and peace as long as we equally value all aspects of self.

Today I will spend some time preparing my garden and clearing the outdoors. I may even take a small hike in nature to get out and get moving with the fresh air.

How will you work to align your physical, spiritual and creative self today?

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