Introverted Creative

Solitude is essential for me. I have found that when it comes to creating, the introverted creative within me needs to shut out the entire world to create in private.

The energetic drone of the outside world is something that many would not understand and others might believe is nonsense. For those of us blessed with energetic sensitivity it is very real. It has taken me until this point in my life to understand just how in-tune with the world I am and how necessary solitude is to restore my balance.

The art of creating and sharing that work with others is wired into who I am. My creativity keeps me grounded and centered within myself. Without it I get tossed around like a balloon by the energy of the world. Time to create is not an issue so much as finding space where I am uninterrupted, quiet and alone. Finding that daily has proven to be a challenge but one I believe is worth undertaking.

Often I hear from others a sort of defeated resolve that “well that’s just how it is when you are…” insert your current situation here. I am saddened by how many people around me have accepted that which leaves them wanting as if we are not powerful creators in our own right with the ability to change what is.

While solitude isn’t easy to come by for some of us, honoring who we are and what we need is essential for everyone. Our creative process, our purpose and our overall health and well-being are closely tied to how well we honor who we truly are. When we acknowledge the light, who we are meant to me in the highest form, and align ourselves with achieving that light we experience all manners of well-being.

So how does anyone make solo-time for their creativity? If you require solitude like I do, popping over to the coffee shop for an hour of writing won’t work and since my children don’t go to school I don’t have the option to write when they are there. And whether or not you have children, if you work outside the home or live with others, that necessary creative recharge time can be hard to come by.

For those of us aware we are never limited by our circumstances only our perceptions, I would like to share a perception shift. Once I was able to incorporate this into my life, finding the time and space I needed became increasingly easier.

In order to find the solitude you crave, you need to honor it. We live in a world that caters to our opposites-the extrovert. Extroverts are fueled and do their best work when surrounded by others. As introverts we need our space-even from those we love and this need seems to trigger everyone’s insecurities. We can feel that there must be something wrong with us to not want to be with people we love and care about-even if it is just for part of the day. Recognizing the gifts that we gain when allowed to sit in our own energetic field is imperative to accepting the necessity for time alone. We need to stop making excuses for it and acknowledge that we bring much to the world when we honor who we are.

Accepting that solitude for us is as necessary as food, water & air and seeing the beauty in that opens us up energetically. We are then able to see all of the opportunities in our current situation to have this important need met.

While I recognize that it may not seem like a simple solution it is my hope that knowing you aren’t alone can be the first step. The second thing I want to share with you is that 10 minutes isn’t enough. While many find 10 minutes alone enough, for a creative introvert 10 minutes doesn’t even begin to recharge our batteries. I have found that roughly 1 hour a day minimum is what I need to keep myself balanced and feeling my best. If I am already depleted and running on fumes and barely holding it together I need a day to get me going and then some deep maintenance daily until I am back to normal.

This is absolutely part of the introverted creatives journey and I believe once we master this, the full beauty of our gifts will shine.

Sending lots of love-from a distance.

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