Fickle Creativity

Creativity can be a fickle friend. Just when you believe you have a hold on it, found your rhythm you can find yourself on the dance floor suddenly listening to swing music without a partner.

If you have been following me for a bit you know that I have found my love for rhythm offsets my disdain for routine. Rhythm keeps us balanced, keeps life moving forward with things like clean underwear and groceries. Rhythm allows for things to happen in such a way that they support us but don’t stifle where we are in any given moment. Rhythm means I have things that happen daily but I am open minded about when they happen during the course of the day.

Regardless of where you are in your creative journey you may have had the opportunity to ride the creative wave. The high flying feeling that comes from receiving an influx of ideas and inspiration. You can barely keep up with the words as they flow through your fingers or the images as they fight to escape your brush. This feeling can be so consuming and intoxicating you cannot imagine a time when it will not be there.

Until it’s not.

Then you may find yourself struggling to recreate the creative flood and it can feel as if you are scrambling on ice. Flailing about unable to get your footing.

While I cannot tell you a sure fire way to bring back the creativity it’s important to understand that creative energy is energy and just like all the energies of nature it ebbs and flows. Just like flowers don’t bloom all year long the creative flood gates-while always available to us-don’t necessarily flow in the way that we would like. So many factors can contribute to us feeling pinched off from that energy. I am discovering that in those moments, my rhythm is what helps me the most.

When I sat down to write today-my daily rhythm-I had no idea what to write about. I wasn’t feeling inspired and in fact I was feeling inhibited by an unfinished post I began a few days ago. That post is proving more challenging to write than I anticipated and is creating a block in my mind.

The inspiration for that post wasn’t coming and the idea of sitting down to write something new felt more like a chore. I did however take a minute to remind myself why I write (I love it and enjoy it) so the “chore” label was something I was bringing from other experiences. I reminded myself that my creativity is mine and I get to decide what it looks like and when enough is enough.

Often times as creatives the more disciplined and “conventional” among us tend to be the teachers we have in school. They like to tell us all about our lack of discipline and what creating should look like. I am a huge believer that our lives need to be carved out as individuals and that includes the creative process.

I decided I would sit down and start writing words. I wasn’t much worried if they made sense and I had no idea what the first word would be before I typed it. In the course of writing this post I had ideas for 2 more (which I quickly wrote down in my idea book of shadows) and finished this post. This was accomplished while being interrupted by 2 little creative souls who feel Mommy’s creative energy flowing and decided they both had to paint right now.

What I’ve realized is creativity isn’t the fickle one we are. It is our fickleness that can pinch us off from our creative hearts and feel as if we are adrift in a sea void of ideas. When we remind ourselves why we create and follow our creative rhythm we often find ourselves aligned and flowing along making our masterpieces.

Or at least a blog post.

Until Next Time…

-Michele, aka The Dreaming Dilettante

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