Dreaming into Reality

Staring at the edge of what’s to come I admit there is some fear. I feel a bit of trepidation with my new sense of self and it’s a bit like being an acrobat with no safety net.I am not afraid of falling but rather of soaring and that seems an odd thing to have fear around.

I have made some pretty big strides the past few years to step fully into who I am. Letting go of old labels or what others believed me to be, what they expected me to be.  I remember when I turned 30 that I saw a lot of my regular relationships just start to fade away. Different places, different phases of our lives and the relationships just stared to drift. The past few years-leading up to my 40th birthday-I found the same thing happening but this time it was older more ingrained relationships. It’s hard, scary but there isn’t a part of me that doubts the necessity for these changes.

When you are moving more into yourself and finding out who you are it doesn’t just become about relationships. For me, it’s hitting my creative life very hard and I am moving full on into owning the role of creative, of writer. It’s as if these labels were things I always said with a “well I’m working on it” as if they were goals I was striving for instead of being what I already was.

I believe we grow the most in the shadow. When life seems hard, and challenging and we feel defeated is when we are just about to soar. Sticking with our intention to grow and become more than our circumstances is the difference between living life as a gift and feeling it is a burden.

Often you see people just weighted down by their circumstances. Wistfully waiting for the tides to forever change in their favor. “If only,” seems to be the favorite sentiment and we limit ourselves constantly by this belief. We need nothing more in any given circumstance than a desire for things to be different and a willingness to make them so.

To bring this into something tangible I have long dreamt of traveling the country in an RV. I would love to experience the freedom of traveling with my little family and hiking, exploring and just being together. I have felt limited in many ways. Limited by funds to purchase an RV or a lifestyle that would allow for us to do this full time. As I was writing this post it became apparent to me that while I may not be able to currently live the fullness of that dream in this moment, I am capable of moving in the direction of that dream.

A week long trip in my van, camping and exploring areas of interest is a start. A way for me to experience the essence of my dream. When it comes to dreams the essence, the feeling, is what we are seeking. It is never, ever about the tangible thing we dream about but rather it is about the emotion we will feel when having it. That simple distinction is so lost on so many and is the reason we often suffer much longer than needed and often times unnecessarily.

What are you dreaming about today? What is the one thing that brings about a sigh in your heart and the thought, “if only..” What today can you do today to feel that essence? The closer we are to the vibration of what we seek, the easier it is to manifest in the physical of our life. I am a student of Abraham Hicks and I truly resonate with their teachings on alignment and it mirrors a great deal of what my own teachers and guides have shared with me over the years.

Abraham speaks of alignment but for me I like to make it more. To me, it is a reminder that we are all magic. We are made up of magic (or energy if you are the more practical type) and as energy we are able to influence energy (matter) with a clear focus. When we focus, when we clear out the mud and the clutter we are then able to be aligned with the feelings we seek and with a wave of our wand, they appear before us. Present, tangible and very, very real.

Today I hope you will take some time to move into your dream and not be limited by anything in your current circumstance and ask yourself instead, “what can I do to feel the way I want to feel in this moment?”

Much love.

Until next time…

-Michele, aka The Dreaming Dilettante

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