Connecting with Your Own Path

I am feeling a rhythm today as if all I have been doing this week is creating a gentle rocking motion. It is soothing, grounding and energizing all at once.

I woke early this morning which is unusual for me. Even as I sit here writing I feel the fatigue that comes with my waking early sweep over my forehead and yet I am compelled to keep writing. Like the first waves of muscle strain that come when you begin to train for a marathon.

Or at least I imagine that’s what happens when you train for a marathon.

I hear the waking voices of my children and I know that this new creative practice is grounding me not only in my writing and creative life but in every area of my life. I believe when we honor all aspects of ourselves, the core of who we are, it acts as a beacon for our life. We are able to make decisions from a place of truth supported by who we are.

While I recognize that it’s not a magic solution to cure all that ails, it does feel like a powerful tool to carry throughout our day. Taking just a few moments to connect at the start (or near the start) of each day helps remind us not only of who we are but what we value. It allows us to say yes to the things that will keep us on our chosen path and no to the things that will detour us from it.

I know that as a creative person who sees opportunity t is easy to get distracted with an idea that seems good at the time. I see the potential in an opportunity and often times follow a path that in essence detours me from where I truly want to be. Taking time to connect daily I am better equipped to sense when something isn’t for me. It’s a subtle difference that can easily be overlooked when swept up in the excitement of a new idea.

Connection does not need to be elaborate or require a lot (if any) special tools. As a writer and artist a notebook or sheet of paper and pen work wonderfully for me. Jotting down a daily focus and then deciding if I really feel I can focus on that today seems key. It’s wonderful to say that today I am going to write 20 pages in my book however if I can feel within myself that it isn’t possible today making it a priority is just setting me up for failure.

In the same way, if I am feeling inspired to write all day and have connected with that energy, I will be less likely to say yes to lunch or another invitation that isn’t aligned with my focus. Once we know where we want to go and make choices that align us to that path we are telling ourselves that we are important and valued.

I do believe in starting any practice gently and with complete awareness. Recognizing why we want to make any change and then connecting with that is imperative to the success of any new venture.

Here’s to connecting each day with our most creative selves.

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