Snow Days

There is something about a snow storm that makes me feel completely safe and happy.

I realize there are many others who have a vastly different opinion but for me snow days always meant safety.

I can see now that reason is because usually a snow day meant I didn’t have to go to school or work. In the past, both were places that were as close to torture that I have ever experienced in this lifetime. Being a sensitive, empathic person forced into a confined space for 8 hours a day with large groups of other people was a slow and painful drain of my energy, inspiration and resources.

I didn’t realize it then.
Even when I finally did realize it, part of me felt that I needed to expand and be “out there” in the mix of things. It wasn’t until I poured a cup of homemade hot chocolate into my favorite mug this evening that I realized the truth.

I am meant for and at my best when in the role of the hermitted poet.
Well, ok, that’s a tad dramatic although very fitting with the coziness I am currently experiencing.

I realized the reason writing has been calling me since I was 8 years old.
It is what I am meant to do. To be able to listen to my intuition, ponder the subjects that find their way to me and share my own insights and healing with the world in my own unique, creative way.

It’s one of the reasons I was called to open this site for others like myself. People who are grounded in their intuition (or want to be) and who long to create a new way for themselves in the world. For myself, and I am sure you and many others, the traditional 9-5 life is hell. It feels purpose-less to me and it drains me of what I am meant to be doing in the world.

So I write this on a snow day which doesn’t mean what it used to for me.
I have no 9-5 or class to get to and while that doesn’t leave life without it’s challenges, I am realizing more and more that if you open up and look-there is always an opportunity.

Much love and warmth.

Until next time…


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