What’s in My Bag? Travel Art Bag

I am sitting curled up on the couch today feeling quite low on energy for the second day in a row. I decided earlier when I saw the sun had come out to venture out into the garden to plant some peppers & tomato seedlings I had grown. It did the trick and I not only felt better emotionally but I was reminded how I want to do a garden tour video over on my vlog.

Now however it is after 5pm and I am just wanting to get quiet and dig in to my own little creative world so I thought I would work on the art bag video I recorded a little bit ago.

One of my biggest challenges is that while I have my creative corner I don’t often find it the easiest of places to work. Being home with the kids means that when the inspiration hits I can be sitting in the back yard, the front porch or like I am now, curled up in the living room. I have tried bags in the past where I was able to carry current projects up and down the stairs however I always left something in the wrong spot or the bags became a bit of a catch all for well, stuff.

I have been getting back into memory keeping lately and I really just wanted to be able to plop down on the floor pull out a bag of supplies and be able to make a 2 page spread in maybe 15 minutes. So I started scouring YouTube for art bag tours and I found a really awesome one that inspired me to purchase the same bag and set it up.

I am so happy with the results!

The bag has everything I could need or want for either art journal or memory keeping (sketching, painting-whatever!) and I can even bring it into my creative corner when I am working on some bigger projects. Last weekend I brought it on it’s first road trip and loved having all my creative goodies with me in an organized bag.

So here is the tour and how I set up my bag. You can also visit the video that inspired me right here.

Want to skip right to the goodies inside? Go to 2:55

Until next time…

Michele, aka The Dreaming Dilettante