Blog Update: Returning to My Roots

Hey everyone! Well here we are almost into June and I can’t really believe it to be honest. Spring is quickly giving away to summer and I feel as if so much is changing and expanding in my life right now. I have been embarking on some really exciting new projects and plans and spent some time last week analyzing my blogs, my YouTube and sorting out what I want the focus of each of my creative & professional endeavors to be.

After giving it considerable thought I really wanted to bring back this blog to it’s original focus which was creative living. I want to share the crafts, writing and fun that is my creative life here. I have so much going on and I really want my readers to feel they are getting what they signed up for so to speak. I am going to do away with my newsletter for the time being as it feels to me a bit redundant. Also, I don’t know about you but newsletter more than often are deleted when they arrive in my inbox. Instead I will post regularly to my Facebook page and you can also subscribe to receive blog updates via email so you don’t miss out on all the crazy creativity.

In my reorganizing and planning I also went through any channels or sites I had that were sitting dormant for a while and one was an old blogging channel that I had set up one year and only ever published my Vlogmas videos (which were really fun by the way!). So I decided to make that channel my personal blogging channel where I will share a bit of my creative life in a vlog style along with unboxings, gardening, vacations, home life and perhaps a bit of randomness. You can visit it-The Dillettante Vlogs-right here. I will still be sharing my process videos, art journaling tutorials and all of my creative/art-type videos on my original channel The Dreaming Dilettante and you can subscribe to that if you haven’t already right here.

Also, some of you may remember that I was an Ind. Stampin’ Up! demonstrator. Last year I needed to take a step back from my business but I am super excited to be back in the paper crafting and stamping world! I have a new team, new ideas and have given the blog a fresh look. I also decided to keep things a bit separated and pure and started a new channel just for my Stampin’ Up! videos. The blog is and my YouTube channel is of the same name. I am anxiously awaiting my start-up kit and will be sharing an unboxing of it on the new channel so be sure to subscribe if that interests you.

I hope this adjustment makes it easier for those of you who are here for creative inspiration to find it and allows for a bit more of a cleaner focus to my site. I am still doing my angel work and in the process of creating it’s very own online home as well and will share here when it’s all complete.

As always I thank you all for the constant support. It means so much to me to have you come by and visit my little corner of the blogging world.

Until next time…

Michele, aka The Dreaming Dilettante